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Thread: Maple candy made with a cream machine

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    Default Maple candy made with a cream machine

    I am having plenty of people ask for maple candy but we don't have a machine to make it. What we do have is a gear driven maple cream machine. So the question, is it possible to use the cream machine to make candy? I can't justify the expense of a dedicated candy machine even though we are getting requests.
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    Short answer is no. Leader tub,yes but you have to be very quick. Cdl and the rest with the funnel on top and tube feeding the top, no. Hardens and dumps out too fast.
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    I do not have ether machine, however I do make lots of cream and candy. A candy machine is not needed. Simply cook it to temp like you would cream. I let it cool to 180f some people say hotter but the cooler you can get it and still work with it the finer the crystals. Once it drops to temp stir until it losses glossiness and pour into molds. Let sit for a period to cool and harden. It will give you a chance to determine your demand before dropping coin on a machine but again I make lots of candy and cream and other than my industrial Hobart mixer I don’t have any special machines.
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