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Thread: 2019 Bulk price

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    Has the federation set the price for this year yet?

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    I talked with a few folks from Quebec during the open houses. They were in the thick of the season, enduring some of the same type of runs that we had here in Vt. Looks like they will be near an average crop.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Russell Lampron View Post
    Has the federation set the price for this year yet?
    Unlike U.S. packer prices, the Federation (FQAP) prices are typically set well in advance of the season. http://ppaq.ca/en/producer/useful-information/price/

    GD C$2.95
    AR C$2.94
    DR C$2.85
    VDS C$2.55

    Organic bonus C$0.18
    SS Barrel premium C$0.025
    Galvanized barrel penalty -C$0.075

    There are also penalties for over or under density syrup ranging from -C$0.10 to -C$1.00

    Note that these values are all in Canadian $. Canadian $ is worth about $0.74 today. If you parse out the "effects" of exchange rate versus supply, the Canadian/U.S. Exchange rate accounts for 96% of the difference, with the remaining 4% due to oversupply/packer factors. Overall, this is a considerable improvement over the last few years in what U.S. producers get for syrup, and indicates that "oversupply" is not having much of an impact on prices U.S. producers receive for their syrup. More room for U.S. expansion perhaps?
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