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Thread: Soldering stainless

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    Default Soldering stainless

    Hi all, i've completed my preheater and drip pan. Now I have to solder the corners of my drip pan. The pan is made out of light Stainless. I've been looking at fluxes(which I can't find anywhere for stainless)and have thought of making my own out of Borax,potash and table salt. Has anyone had any luck or thoughts on Soldering stainless? also copper to stainless?

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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    I used a liquid flux for my stainless repairs. I have it in sugarhouse can look tomorrow. Solder a copper fitting to a stainlees pan bfore no problem, just use enough heat to pull the solder. Silver solder I believe but I will check.
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    I saw some in the Bascom catalogue.
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    Search online for "stay-clean" liquid flux. It works fine for stainless, I've used it many times.
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    Stat clean is what I used, with silver solder. Use a soldering iron, not a torch. A torch can work but an iron is far better. In fact 3 irons. Have an oven heated by the flames of a turkey frier burner and get 1 red hot, use it, then put back in the oven and use the next. Keep rotating irons. To clean an iron, file to shinny, then heat it red hot and rub it on some "sal ammoniac", then the iron will hold the solder well, and deposit it on the joint being soldered. If you must use a torch, don't hold the flame in 1 spot, keep it moving. If you can apply the flame from behind, it works best. Get it just hot enough to melt the solder, don't overheat. I have successfully done it both ways, the iron method is far better. 1 iron will work if you can't come up with 2 or 3. (I have over a dozen, different sizes and shapes, sorry, not for sale.)
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    Thanks guy's. The stainless that I used is not new but isn't too bad for being clean. But...how do I clean the corners that are about to be soldered? I can't get in there with a wire brush or sandpaper. I can soda blast it and I have some stainless pipeline cleaner that we used on the milk lines. Then use the flux. Hopefully that will work fine. OR.... take it to a Rad shop and have them do it for me. I just like doing things for myself that's all. You know...Anything to save money!!!
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    when i was soldering last night, i use a soldering iron to melt the solder on the spot i need then use the torch to smooth it out and fill any little holes
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    Here is a link to a webpage with some stainless steel soldering tips. Stay Clean flux is hard to find in this province.

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