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Thread: Lake Erie Maple Expo

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    Default Lake Erie Maple Expo

    This was a great idea. If you are part of Ohio Maple and can make it over to Albion, you won't regret it. Someday, you will be able to say, "I was at the first LEME."

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    I agree! Friday night was a nice event with a nice show of vendors and producers. I'm excited for today's sessions. It looks like a lot of great topics on the list.

    2014 - 330 taps on high vacuum, new RO/Pump house, Home Made RO (2 XLE 4040)
    2013 - 230 taps on low vacuum, new 2x8 from Smokey Lake Maple, small 5 plate press from Yeany's Maple Products (Lapierre)
    2012 - 26 buckets over a copper kettle heated with Natural Gas (outside)

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    Onelegjohn is a speaker there today!
    1000 taps on vacuum back down to 105 buckets
    2x7 A&A Raised Flue
    CDL 12" vacuum filter
    2019 Kawasaki Mule Pro MX Sap Hauler
    Past evaporators: Phaneuf 2x6, A&A 2.5x10, Smoky Lake 2x8 (oil then wood fired)
    Syrup made 2010:36 gal 2011:126 gal 2012:81 gal 2013:248 gal 2014: 329.5 gal 2015:305 gal 2016:316 gal 2017:258 gal 2018:147 gal 2019:91 gal 2020: 30 gal
    Tapping the same trees my great, great and great grandfathers tapped.

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