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Thread: Homemade Ice Creepers

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    Default Homemade Ice Creepers

    Getting around all the ice crusted snow is proving difficult this year down in CT and I used my cleated wading boots last night to manuver on the ice which reminded me of an inexpensive way to make a pair of cleated boots.

    Just use a pair of lugged soled boots and screw into the lug bottoms some hex head shaped sheet metal screws.Obviously get the short shanked screws Thats it. And they're great for walking on ice or slippery rocks while fishing.

    I've attached detailed instructions.
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    2017-Still here, after trying to kick the habit.
    Down to 15-20 taps with the intent to save my marriage.

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    not to steel your thread but

    I have some creepers some where??? man I could use them my driveway(like everyone else who's driveway isn't paved) is a pure sheet of ice since the warm thaw then refreeze. Fell twice yesterday, took a nice chunk of skin outta my elbow!!! didn't even know my wife saw said what did you do to your arm. hurt like hell but what ever I shook it off.

    Last week my wife fell in the driveway geez man like the sky was falling I never heard the end of it!!!
    may your sap be at 3%

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    less than its here 2018 gonna be the best yet... fingers crossed always...

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    My driveway is paved and a complete sheet of ice. I have yak tracks, but never think of putting them on until after I fall.
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    I have used the screws in the bottom of my lug sole boots---MAN! How mother howls when I forget and walk in the house with them on!!!
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    600gph Lapierre R/O w/2 membranes
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    Got a wife that just shakes her head

    Mike Christian
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