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Thread: Cut or Don't Cut

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    Default Cut or Don't Cut

    The Spotted Lantern Fly is three counties away, maybe one hundred air miles. It made it to America from Asia. Its food of choice is the Tree of Heaven also a invasive species. I have the trees on my farm the question I pose to everyone is. Should I cut their favorite food source out so they go to the neighboring farms that have the trees also or leave the trees so they have something to eat before they attack my Maples, which I've been told they will go after. I have a theory why these insect have made it to our shores, I complain about that later.

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    DO NOT CUT!!!!!!! The Ailanthus (tree of heaven)will stump sprout, root sprout and every other kind of sprout if it is bruised badly or cut down. If you cut it, you will have hundreds of not thousands more to deal with next year. To get rid of the tree do a hack and squirt but do not hack very deep and round up works most of the time but brush master (from tractor supply) kills it. If there are flowers on it now or in the next few weeks, it is a female and you will end up with a bunch of sprouts through the next year's. Small sprouts kill with just a roundup spritz from a squirt bottle in August or September.

    I personally would get rid of the Ailanthus but not by cutting it. Good luck.
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