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Thread: Gas pumps

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    Default Gas pumps

    We are upping our tap count to 1000 in the next couple years. We unfortunately do not have power except generator. I was wondering what do people use for vacuum pumps in remote locations? Solar with batteries? Ive heard of people using gas pumps too. Any ideas would help! Thanks for all the help i do appreciate it!
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    On 2 leases I used Honda engines to power the pumps. On one site I was using a vacuum tank thus no releaser. That tank was rated to hold up to 20" vacuum, I ran with 3 vacuum releasers to hold it to 19". That was on an Alamo 30 with a 6.5 hp Honda. I removed the original gas tank and mounted a 4.5 gal generator tank beside the engine on a wooden stand.
    I also had another lease with an Alamo 100, and a releaser. It was also using a Honda 6.5. It had double 1/2" belts on the pulleys, but the best I could get was 17" vacuum because the belts slipped if I tried to run it higher. It used coged belts and I sprayed a belt dressing on to get 17". It also had a 4.5 gal tank for fuel.
    Then after I sold that second lease I moved the Alamo 100 to the other site. Still running at 19". I also got a 9 hp Honda. I soon learned the 9 used less gas yielding 19" on 750 taps. When I hooked it up, I thought it would use more gas so I hooked 2 tanks @ 4.5 gal each, side by side. At that site on a 6.5 Honda it ran 17 hrs on 4.5 gal gas, When I hooked the 9 hp to it I started by filling both 4.5 gal tanks, but it ran for just over 3 full days, I then started using just 1 tank, because running 24/7 I had to shut it off daily and change the oil in the engine. I didn't need over 3 days at a stretch. In all cases using the Honda engines I ran the 6.5 's at just over half throttle, on the 9 I ended up running it at about 1/3 throttle.
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    3/16th tubing and gravity are one possibility.

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