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Thread: Birch Tapping

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    Thanks PC Farms for the detailed explanations. That's impressive that you can get to that high a brix on your evap. without burning the syrup. I assume you're using oil and the low fire setting? Any idea what the temp. under the pans and the stack temp is? And when you say you are using a batch process, are you just adding concentrate to the syrup pans until it is all the desired brix for syrup? Then you filter and pack it?

    And when you say you used a water jacketed canner, you were just batching in that while adding concentrate?

    I follow a couple birch forums and there seems to be a wide range of techniques people are using to boil birch. It seems there is a fine line between the slow boil/simmering camp and the fast boiling camp. I would like to figure out a method using my wood fired rig to boil 10-12% concentrate to syrup. Your idea of using just the syrup pans is pretty intriguing.

    This is a whole different scale and concept but I have found this video pretty interesting... They are also using ultra filtration but boil with steam.

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    Dr. Abby van den Berg has done a good deal of work on birch syrup production. Some of that work can be found here.



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    On the evaporator, we put all the concentrate on at once, and boil it altogether. We mix it around a bit as we are finding some areas are boiling off faster than other areas (I suppose adding concentrate to lower the brix in the high brix areas of the pan would work as well). For the water jacketed canner, I would not recommend using it, it didnt work - we didnt add anything, we took concentrate and boiled it to about 35 brix and then it started to burn, which I find amazing - that we can burn the concentrate at 35 brix...

    The last batch we made we boiled on the highest heat - no problem, it was super quick (less than 20 mins) and there was no burning whatsoever. Need to watch it like a hawk though (2 person job - 1 person fully dedicated to watching the sugar content and level in the pan) - we put it to low once we were over 50 brix.

    I don't have a thermometer on the stack... but I would say low heat is colder than a wood evaporator, and high heat is much higher. In my very limited experience, I would say only go for steam if it is cheaper or you already have it...

    We havn't boiled in a while with all the cold temperatures, but we are going to this afternoon.
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