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Thread: Any max-flue pan owners have a bubbler system?

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    Mine was made out of copper so sourcing the material was easy. i know they are saying stainless only now. we have a couple of places locally i can get stainless tubing from. plumbing stores, mainly. i'm sure there are places online you can order from....
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    Quote Originally Posted by tcross View Post
    ... i know they are saying stainless only now...
    Are copper bubblers no longer Kosher? Who is "they", i.e. is this a Cornell/Proctor suggestion, or is this a proposed or new FDA rule?
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    Quote Originally Posted by lew View Post
    I've had a bubbler in a 5x10 max flue for 2 years now. Rxcellent results. No problems with pan
    Lew,do you still need to put defoamer in the flue pan,or just syrup pan?
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