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Thread: cleaning wool "4 loop" and synthetic fabric conical filters

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    Default cleaning wool "4 loop" and synthetic fabric conical filters

    Hi from Missouri- Is it OK and safe to clean these filters with bleach/water solution? I know that soaps/detergents should not be used, but I believe bleach water would not leave a residue or taste, all would evaporate. We just made 3.5 gallons today of beautiful gold first run syrup before the snow hit. Filtering was a slowdown, lots of sugar sand so we used countless conical synthetic filters and were discussing how to get these filters clean.
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    Rinse them with hot water only. Do not wring them out.. Hang them up to dry. When I use my filters both the pre filter material and felt/wool I get them damp with really hot water before filtering the syrup. They seem to work better. I would not use any kind of bleach until you are done for the season, and very little. Make sue it is un-scented.
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    I put mine in the washing machine on hot water and the light/gentle cycle with no soap or bleach. After they run I hang them to dry. They get a lot cleaner than just rinsing. I'm sure someone is going to gasp and post, "you should never put them in a washer", but I have done it for years and I still get clear syrup and nice clean soft filters. Oh I forgot these are all orlon synthetic.
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    I do the same thing as Buckeye. It accomplishes the washing really well and without wringing. Super easy.
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