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Thread: Whatís the best piece of advice you were given when you started?

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    If you build a sugar house, I should say when, pour a concrete floor. Iíve done it both ways and crushed stone is hard to level etc. itís cheaper but I will echo the others and say itís cheaper to spend more today and do it right.
    I donít make a ton of syrup maybe six gallons last year, I look at sugaring at the hobby level like craft beer. This is the largest growing segment of the industry and the manufacturers have noticed. From the small hobby RO to the mini rigs with all the bells and whistles. Donít focus on production but quality. Also if you find a number of taps you like no matter how low stick with that. I have 50 taps in Hudson and 1200 in Vermont I bet u can guess which one is more fun in my opinion. I have yet to meet a producer that didnít love to talk about sugaring be it July or February.

    19x48 mini pro oil fired
    6x12 sugar house off back of shed
    2019- 50 taps all buckets- 6 Gallons syrup made
    2020 -50 taps, more Sugar Maples, with some Reds- 6 gallons made
    2021- 46 taps- 26 on 3/16 tubing, 19 buckets - All Sugar Maples this year - 12.2 Gallons made
    Two kids one patient wife
    "The days are long, but the years are short"

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    Don't buy or build anything that you won't be able to Resell, don't buy anything Galvanized, or with lead solder, or leaded Brass. Stick with Food Grade Plastics and stainless steel. I would even be weary of stainless steel that you can't say for certain was never used for anything non food related.
    Nate Hutchins
    Nate & Kate's Maple
    2018 1000 taps?
    20x36 sugarhouse
    CDL 600gph RO
    Franken evaporator, lapierre arch, smokylake pans and a leader hood with pre-heater.
    A wife and 2 kids.

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    I have a very small operation. I have about 12 to 15 taps and make about 4 liters of syrup on a 18" X 18" stainless steel flat pan over a cast iron propane fired burner. I have been making syrup more or less like this for 20+ years and I still love it.
    My best advice is don't kill the boil when adding sap to the pan and watch the boil when it gets close to syrup, because it can burn off in an instant.
    Great idea for the forum and I loved reading all the responses!!! I hope everyone has a great season!!!
    My Operation may not be big, but it's small.

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    I'm new to the forum. And will be my first year sugaring now that I have some land. Glad to see this thread! Thanks for all the advice,


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    Juglone, Welcome and good luck. Have lots of fun. if you have any questions feel free, we are all here to help.
    2004 - 2012 2x3 flat pan 25 to 60 taps
    2012 2x3 new divided pan w/draw off 55 taps
    2018 - didn't boil surgery - bought new evaporator
    2019 new SML 2x4 raised flue high output evap. 65 taps
    made 17 gal syrup
    2020 - only put out 53 taps - made 16.25 gal syrup
    2021 - going for 50 bags and 50 on tubing

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