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Thread: Should I Stay or Should I go, in Dudley

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    Default Should I Stay or Should I go, in Dudley

    I never seem to get timing right. Today is February 9th, I know its traditionally early to tap. But according to the whether channel app today is 36 degrees and tonight 31. rest on the week is Mon 41/33 , Tue 40/28 , Wed 41/32 , Thurs 46/17 , Fri 22/2 , Sat 26/18 , Sun 41/30 and the the week after looks all highs in 40's. But Friday and Saturdays cold temps make ma a little nervous.
    This is my 3rd full year as a hobbyist around 50 taps mostly on reds. So what does everyone think? should I stay or should I go? Thank for any advice.

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    Are you on tubing, buckets or bags? If tubing, with vacuum go for it, if buckets or bags, wait until you see a good pattern for 2 weeks out. By the way, for best sap flow you need freeze thaw cycles, it is best when you get days in the low to mid 40's and nights at 28F or below. You will likely never get that for 2 weeks in a row, from there you just need to guess. By the way, a night at zero or below is not bad in season, it helps the tree pull more sap up from the roots, ready for the next thaw.
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    Dave Klish about 400 taps, down from much more. Retired from collecting and boiling in 2021. Mostly because of a bad hip.
    2012 Mahindra 36 HP 4x4/ loader/cab/heat/AC:-)
    3x8 raised flue evaporator
    250 GPH converted to electric, RO by Ray Gingerich
    6.32 KW solar system, 1.48KW is battery backed up, all net metered
    website: www.cnymaple.com

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    Cold temps are not a problem, It is warm temps that kill your tap holes.
    3x10 Dallalre, oil fired, Stainless steel.
    Steam hoods front and rear with preheater.
    1500 taps on vac, right to sugar house.
    900 on Gravity
    New Busch 3 Phase Vacuum. (2010)
    Lapierre 600 Turbo with 2 - 8" posts
    36 years of MAPLE ENJOYMENT!!

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    Default I'm in Dudley, too

    After hearing that producers in Woodstock were tapping the very end of January, we did, too. No regrets. We do it the old fashioned way b/c we only have 15 taps... buckets and open fire.

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    In Harvard, MA Iím betting on the few days in the 40s this week. There will be some chillier days later in the week but next week looks solid currently. I tapped most of my trees on 5/16 tubing yesterday, the rest Later today. By tomorrow Iíll have a doZen buckets up too, and away we go. 135 taps this year. Honestly Iím not 100% ready in the sugar shack so Iím hoping the flow isnít too big yet.
    2021 is season 6.
    2016: 20 taps on buckets, 4 gallons on a borrowed 2x3.
    2017: 32 taps on buckets, 8 gallons of syrup, on a "loaner" Lapierre 19x48. Makeshift 8x8 sugar shack.
    2018: 80 taps with new neighbors. First time tubing. New 10x12 sugar shack, Lapierre 2x5. Made 17 gallons, sold 5.
    2019: 100 taps. 22 gallons. Added a small RO 50 gph.
    2020: 145 taps, 30 gallons, sold half. Murphy cup is a great addition.
    2021: tapped Feb 23, 150 taps. Aiming for 35 gallons. refractometer.

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    I've been back and forth on the fence for over a week now. In particular, the forecast for this week has looked anywhere between great and terrible over the last week. I wound up biting the bullet and tapped today. Of course the predicted high temp for me today was 42, and it barely got to 35, so I may have blown it. Oh well, we shall see.


    2016: Homemade arch from old woodburning stove. 2 steam tray pans. 6 taps on buckets. 1.1 galls
    2017: Same homemade evaporator, but souped up. Still 2 steam tray pans. 15 taps on buckets. 4.5 galls
    2018: Same setup. Limited time. 12 taps and short season. 2.2 gallons
    2019: Still very limited time. Downsized to 7 taps and a short season. 1.8 gallons
    2020: 9 taps, new Mason 2x3 XL halfway through season, 2 gallons
    2021: 18 taps. Mason 2x3 XL, 4.5 galls

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    We drilled 300 yesterday and today I did another 100 myself. By then I was soaked so came back to the shop to work on things for the evaporator. I will be back on the mountain on the morning.

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