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Thread: Wayne County 2019

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    Default Wayne County 2019

    Itís been a crazy couple weeks with little time to give an update. We tapped around 450 trees on January 26, had planned to tap earlier but the temps were too warm.we had our first boil on January 28th. January 30th gave us a beautiful deep freeze and we thought we were finally going to have a maple season like we did 5-6 years ago. Needless to say that was Short lived today is February 20th and we are entering an early spring. Tulips are coming up, peepers are out and trees are budding along the Big Sandy river and gradually making it up the hill side. Forecast calls for 60 degree days and 40 degree nights. Being completely in the New sugarhouse has been great just wished we were able to run more sap through it and the season was longer! We may get lucky and be able to boil some sap for Mountain State Maple Day this weekend but Iím guessing it will unfortunately be water.

    Wishing all a safe and productive 2019 maple season

    A&A 2x6 drop flue
    Stainless steam hood
    Smokey Lake bottler
    Electric Water Jacketed Bottler
    Home-built RO - double XLE 4040
    535 gallon haul tank mounted on dump trailer
    '97 f-250 sap hauler

    2014: 40 taps on buckets boiled on turkey fryer made 8 1/2 gallon
    2015: 100 taps on 3/16 gravity 17 gallons
    2016: 300 taps on 3/16 gravity, 3/4" mainline
    2017: 750 taps on 3/16

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    All over but the crying down here. As you can imagine , we've been really warm too. Im nowhere near your size of operation but did end up averaging slightly over 2 gallons per tap per day. May get a late run but our trees will be budding out soon.

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