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Thread: Western Mass 2019

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    Finally got everything packaged. Ended up with 420.5 gallons on 1275 taps. A 26% increase over last year which was an average year at .26 gallons per tap. Now to get everything cleaned up and start planning for next year!
    First introduced to making maple syrup in 1969
    Making syrup every year since 1979
    3 x 10 oil fired
    Revolution syrup and max flue pan
    About 1300 taps on gravity, vacuum someday
    Bought first Marcland drawoff in 1997, still going strong.

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    Last weekend I packed up the remnants of what was in the pan for my first 10 pints. Dark (dark, dark, dark) with hints of red when held directly in front of the lightbulb, but it's deeeelicious! Broke out last year's turkey fryer propane setup in the backyard to boil down 10 gallons to about 1.25 gallons which topped me out just over 8 for the season.

    I called it Gnomish Brew (I have lawn gnomes in the back yard so it's fitting)

    2020 - 2 taps, 1/2 pint on a turkey fryer, About 3/4 pint syrup in two weeks - Proof of concept!
    2021 - 20 x 30 divided pan, custom Mason arch, 34 producing taps out of 50. 8 gallons for family and friends to judge and Dad hooked as well.

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    Sounds like a great season, Aaron!

    2016: Homemade arch from old woodburning stove. 2 steam tray pans. 6 taps on buckets. 1.1 galls
    2017: Same homemade evaporator, but souped up. Still 2 steam tray pans. 15 taps on buckets. 4.5 galls
    2018: Same setup. Limited time. 12 taps and short season. 2.2 gallons
    2019: Still very limited time. Downsized to 7 taps and a short season. 1.8 gallons
    2020: 9 taps, new Mason 2x3 XL halfway through season, 2 gallons
    2021: 18 taps. Mason 2x3 XL, 4.5 galls

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