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Thread: Used Tote with Advacado Oil

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    They are designed to completely drain when on a flat level surface. However I have had small pools of liquid remain inside. My tanks may not be completely level. If you pitch them toward the drain, liquid can pool on either side of the drain opening, getting trapped by the inward bulge for the drain fitting. But overall, they drain well.
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    I just picked up 2 IBC tanks that held white vinager. Already rinsed it out with water and baking soda, pressure washed with some simple green, then clean water rinse. Anything else I should do to reduce the chance of a taste spreading to sap? multiple soaks? Bleach? Or is it just worth buying liners?

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    You should be fine. Just get it clean and let it breathe, leave it vented. Should be fine for sap come next spring.
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    Quote Originally Posted by t-ciccarello View Post
    I just picked up 2 IBC tanks that held white vinager. Already rinsed it out with water and baking soda, pressure washed with some simple green, then clean water rinse. Anything else I should do to reduce the chance of a taste spreading to sap? multiple soaks? Bleach? Or is it just worth buying liners?
    Make sure that you get all of the Simple Green out of them before you use them. Leave them open to the air and the vinegar smell should go away before you're ready to use them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Russell Lampron;37 2362
    This is the cover that I used. I can't seem to find it on Amazon anymore either. https://shop.snydernet.com/tank-acce...esco-60038.asp
    Just noticed that Bascom's sells the 16" covers and rings in there catalog on page 41 lower right hand corner.
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    Quote Originally Posted by western mainer View Post
    So Russ what are lids - covers call on Amazon? Can't seem to find them.
    Thanks Brian
    If you search for "Catch Covers", you should be able to find a very similar product that I have been using. They are covers designed for the floors of ice shacks, but work great in the top of totes. They make cleaning MUCH easier! I also use kayak hatches on the ends of 55 gallon drums to make cleaning easier.
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    Russell, did you use any form of gasket under the ring? i am getting ready to install mine, and there is no gasket or anything. thanks for the info on using the larger lid, it should make cleaning out the 330 gallon ones that i have so much easier.

    thanks for any info.

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    The tanks available in our area come from two sources, Poultry Processing Plants, and McKee Bakery, makers of Little Debbie cakes. The employees that get them sell them for 50 dollars or less, sorta crazy they are not reused, all are 300 gallon tanks in a metal cage, The chemical in the poultry tanks is something they spray on raw chicken before freezing, so I would guess it is food grade for you guy's that buy poultry from a grocery chain? The tanks are rinsed clean before they are given or sold I guess to the employee who resells them. I was told the Bakery tanks had some type of syrup ( most certainly not maple ) in them. I was told the person that got several for resale paid 20 dollars each, I will try to find out more info on them, I guess if a person with a trailer could buy a load at 20 dollars each it would be worth while to haul them north for 100 dollars each?
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    I'm not familiar with those totes, but I read on some I got which had things like apple juice concentrate, orange juice concentrate, safflower oil or Pure vanilla extract that had a tag on them, recyclable, call to have them picked up free of charge. No mention of any refund or credit value. Maybe our economy is too designed to discard rather than recycle too many things. If that's the case on all of them, if a company can get $20 each from an employee they are far ahead.
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    Iím cleaning organic sunflower oil out of my totes. Iím trying Dawn dish soap. They claim it will take oil off a duck. We used it when we milked cows so figured it be safe for maple. I used 1/2 gallon of dawn soap then fill it to the top. Let it Sit for a few hours, drain it, rinse it. Then 2 pounds of baking soda, fill it, let it sit for a day, then rinse. The baking soda is supposed to get rid of the soap residue. Anyone else use this method? The wife isnít happy about her dawn soap missing.
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