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Thread: Homemade Tubing Tool 3/16-5/16

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    Default Homemade Tubing Tool 3/16-5/16

    After looking at the overpriced tubing tools, we decided to make our own tool. Cost: < $10. We bought two (2) vice grips from Harbor Freight ($3.99/each). All the other material, (~40") of 1" stock, (5x) 5/16 bolts & nuts, and (2x) 3/8" rod coupling nut, we had on hand. With a couple hours of work here is the tool we created:

    Vice Grips:


    Coupler Nut


    tubing_tool_2.jpg tubing_tool_1.jpg

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    Nice job!!! How does it work?
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    Very nice. I made my own last year as well. Slightly different design.
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