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Thread: Is 198 taps to many for a sureflo 4048?

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    Default Is 198 taps to many for a sureflo 4048?

    Just put up a new sap lines with 1000 feet 3/4" main line and about 2500 feet lateral line with 198 taps. My question is has anyone used a sureflo pump for vacuum with this many taps and was it able to keep up with good runs?

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    I think that would be a lot for a shurflo but it might work if you have everything good and tight, I bought a Guzzler last year and had it on 1000ft of mainline 1" and it worked well, but one tiny leak would really effect the vacuum, I think a Guzzler from Bosworth would be much more effective. I helped a friend setup about 150 taps on a shurflo last year and it would pull about 24" but there was no main lines, it just had a big manifold and a bunch of 5/16 lines coming into it. Make sure that you use a recirculation loop if you do the shurflo. I personally am suspect on how long a shurflo will last , can you get 2 or 3 seasons out of them or is it more of a one and done.

    I have been toying with the idea of setting up a shurflo on a small woods that I have" 60 tap " but I haven't done it yet.
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    Nate Hutchins
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    2018 1000 taps?
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    Default Shur it will Flo

    I am putting a Rural King Everflo 3000 3 GPM ($79) on mine today. As of now I have 1400' of 3/4 mainline with 183 taps all on 6000' of 3/16 that all has a pretty good drop. I ran 125 taps on this same pump last year and got over 2 gpt on good days. I burned the pump up in the summer irrigating pumpkins, so I picked up another this morning. I'll be adding another 75 taps to the mainline next week when more tubing gets here. I didn't measure vacuum, but when I took the end saddle fitting off last year, it hissed for a good 5 seconds, all the way at the end of the line. I was impressed what that little pump could pull.
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    Fwiw, my shurflo died last year and I found one of the brushes on the motor wore out. I called Praxair and they said no way to repairing it or sending me new brushes. So I went to Aubuchons and found a brush that was similar in size. It had a spring on it with a contactor that I just cut off. I still used the spring but pulled the wire off to the side and crimped it on to the hard wire that was left from the last one. It's been running all season so fingers crossed.

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    Had 200+ on mine last year but it was all 3/16 and to a manifold at the pump
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    With SL pans
    250 deer run
    300 3/16 (new 2016)
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    I had about 240 taps on 3/16 with some very long laterals all coming into 150' of 1" mainline. I had one shurflo 2088. It kept up fine with the sap and as long as there weren't any leaks it'd pull 18-20". I'm running two of them this year, one with about 70 and the other with about 190.
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    2018: 300 on vacuum 2 buckets, finally got a splitter!

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    I have 200 on a 4008 probably 800 ft of main. Pulls about 20 pounds.
    2016- 50 buckets. Made 4 gallons
    2017- 100 buckets, 50 taps on 3/4 mainline and 3/16th tubing + shurflo vacuum. Made 30 gallons.
    2018- 1000 taps on 3/16 + vacuum, 60 buckets - made 378 gallons of syrup.
    2019- 1713 taps on 3/16 + vacuum, NO buckets. Made 500 gallons.
    2020- 2793 taps made 1118 gallons.
    2021- 3300 taps made 900 gallons.

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