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    Default MapleTrader Forum Rules


    The goal of this site is to spread our love of maple, to share ideas, to get questions answered, and to foster friendship and cooperation among maple producers of all sizes in all areas. To those ends, by participating in this forum, you agree to abide by the following rules in both public posts and private messages:

    - Play nicely. No name calling, profanity, threatening or derogatory comments, or personal attacks will be tolerated.
    - SPAM will be deleted and the originator banned.
    - No overtly political, religious, sexually suggestive or racially/culturally insensitive images, jokes, or links. There are other sites catering to these types of discussions -- leave them there please.
    - Excessive disparagement of manufacturers or products is not allowed. Specific discussion of products and services is permitted, but the expectation is that members will first attempt to resolve issues with the supplier first and not use this forum to complain or to bash individuals, companies, or products.
    - Keep posts pertinent to the forum or threads in which they are posted.

    Posts that do not follow the rules may be moved to the correct section or deleted by the moderators or owner. Those makings posts that violate the rules may have their posting privileges temporarily suspended or may be temporarily or permanently banned from participating on this site. Such decisions are not open to debate and ignorance of the rules is not a defense. All such decisions are solely at the discretion of the moderators or owner.

    These rules apply to all the users of this forum.
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    Well said, and I will monitor (and moderate) this forum to help it maintain the purpose of the owner.
    There is no reason for anyone to stray, the rules are few, straight forward and they just make sense.
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