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Thread: New NYS Law for selling Bulk in Stainless Containers

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    Default New NYS Law for selling Bulk in Stainless Containers

    So I was in my local supplier's store the other day and they mentioned that there was a new law going into affect next year that they can only accept bulk syrup in Stainless containers? I have looked a little and can't find anything on this. Does anyone know a good site to study up on this or have more info to share in NYS?

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    There is no law in NYS to my knowledge mandating the use of Stainless drums. There has been no info from the State Maple Assn. nor from the Farm Bureau. Bascom will accept no bulk syrup beginning next March in any container other than Stainless or other food grade (epoxy lined or plastic) containers. He will not accept syrup that has been packaged in galvanized barrels and then repackaged into stainless. Since most of the B and C that goes bulk ultimately ends up at Bascom,s, it probably is important that your syrup is packaged in approved containers. All bulk syrup sold into Canada and Vt must be in approved, food grade drums or Barrels. All that Bascom buys will also be under the same rules. You may legally be able to use other containers here in NY but I am betting that without the option of being able to sell in Vt, Canada, or to Bascom, you will be at the mercy of the Market.

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