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Thread: GPS map of my southwest NH sugarbush

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    Default GPS map of my southwest NH sugarbush

    I use a Garmin ForeRunner when I run, and it's easy to download the tracks and import into Google Earth. So that's what I did! I also added a USGS map overlay to show contours.

    Just walking alongside each lateral and mainline, I put this together to share my progress with friends on Facebook:


    I discovered in the process too that Google Earth will generate (using its own terrain data) an elevation profile along a path, which for this example is my mainline. Glad to see the program agrees it's all downhill!


    Hmm...what else can I do with this?

    2009: 11 buckets, cinderblocks and food service pan
    2010: 25 buckets
    2011: 67 gravity to sugarhouse
    2012: 170 caged tanks
    2013: 275 bringing back some buckets for aesthetics
    2014: 300 gravity and buckets
    2019: 35 buckets at elementary school, flat pan on propane

    11x30 shack in the woods: no power/water, only snowmobile or snowshoes 'til March.
    2.5x8 Leader arch, Grimm English tin drop flue/cross-flow syrup pan

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    thats pretty cool. a forestery guy in my area does a similar procedure mapping your sugrbush roads, mainlines etc. the detail on his system is really refined and the acuracy is very close. Acier forestry , cool maps. i think in a sugarworks large or small mapping can be usefull, or at least fun to keep track of stuff.

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