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  1. The Case of the Exploding Maple Syrup in (1) Gallon Glass Container

    Dr. Perkins; Thanks for your thoughts.

    If the glass gallon jugs were "canned" when the syrup was cold and filled up to the very top, would an increase to 78 degrees F in our closet be enough to...
  2. The Case of the Exploding Maple Syrup in (1) Gallon Glass Container

    I thought I knew what caused a (1) gallon glass container of maple syrup to explore last June but a friend is convinced it was another cause. Here's what happened.

    Last June I bought (2) gallons...
  3. Professional Foresters Insurance Coverage

    What insurance should professional foresters have to protect a land owner from timber harvesting encroachment onto an adjoining landowner's property? I.E. If a forester incorrectly defines a...
  4. (2) 3/16" Drop Lines Into Lateral with "Y" Fitting or (2) "Ts"?

    If I have two 3/16" drop lines going into a lateral, should I connect the drops to a "Y" fitting and then to the lateral or connect each drop line to the lateral separately with "T" fittings?
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    Sap Saks: Wash or Buy New Each Season?

    I'll be putting out about 200 blue sap saks this season. I used the saks in 2016 and should be is useable shape except I am wondering if I can wash them or should I buy new. I've got plenty of time...
  6. Craftsbury (VT) Farmers' Marketing Seeking Specialty Maple Products Vendors

    Vermont - The Craftsbury Farmers' Market has vending opportunities for specialty maple products: sap water, soda, bourbon barrel-aged syrup and birch syrup.

    Saturdays, 10 AM - 1 PM starting May...
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    Randi Calderwood Dies in Tragic Accident

    I am saddened and shocked that Randi died Saturday evening. Randi quickly became a friend when Sally and I moved to the Craftsbury area last year. I sold several hundred gallons of sap to Randi /...
  8. Best Two-Handed 3/16" Tubing Installation Tool?

    I'm just starting and might install some 3/16" tubing by myself. I'm thinking I will need a 2-handed tubing installation tool. I know CDL sells one for $249.95.

    Financial considerations aside, Do...
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    medic5794; I don't have any advice as I'm just...

    medic5794; I don't have any advice as I'm just starting out. I do have two questions.

    1. What do you use for your twenty collection point containers?

    2. Do you have to alter the outlet valve...
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    I bought 25 sap galvanized bag holders for $2.65...

    I bought 25 sap galvanized bag holders for $2.65 each, bags for $0.27 each and the special spouts for $1.50 each from CDL in Newport, VT. See page ten of their catalog:...
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    Anyone Collecting Sap Without a Pipeline?

    I would love to hear about those still collecting sap the old fashion way. I.E. With horses. With a tractor....


  12. I would love to visit a 3/16" tubing installation...

    I would love to visit a 3/16" tubing installation ideally either in Vermont's Chittenden County or Vermont's Northeast Kingdom. I expect others would like to visit such installations in their area....
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    Installing Pipeline & Selling Sap

    To get some experience in the sugaring business, I am thinking about having pipeline and holding tank installed on 500 or so taps, of 2500 potential, in the best of our sugar bush sections. Ideally...
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    Maple Syrup as an Athletic Fuel

    Thought folks on this forum would be interested in a new use for maple syrup by Slopeside Syrup in Richmond, VT . I.E. an athletic fuel

    Checkout what Untapped, is doing.
  15. I also don't have a supply of dry firewood. I...

    I also don't have a supply of dry firewood. I know dry firewood is important when burning it in a fireplace or wood furnace. How important is dry firewood if burning outside to heat a pan of sap?
  16. Although there is potential for significantly...

    Although there is potential for significantly more, I expect the number of taps to be 35 or less. I'll check out the 2x2 flat pan from United Metal Co.
  17. Very Small Sugaring Equipment & Techniques

    I am thinking of starting sugaring in the 2015 season by collecting sap from mature sugar maples along the road edge of our property in Albany, VT. I currently do not have any equipment for tapping,...
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    I am thinking I want to lease our taps at some...

    I am thinking I want to lease our taps at some price per tap which is tied to the bulk price of syrup so that each year the tap price will get adjusted depending upon the bulk price of syrup. This...
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    For those sugar makers who sell bulk syrup, at...

    For those sugar makers who sell bulk syrup, at what price would they sell 2015 production if the bulk price isn't set until after the season?
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    2015 Bulk Maple Syrup Prices

    Have the 2015 bulk Maple syrup prices been published? If yes, what / where are they?

    Who publishes them?
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    Leasing Taps on Vermont State Land

    I would like to learn about leasing taps on Vermont state land.

    Price per tap? Tied to bulk price of syrup? CPI increases? ....?
  22. Best Terms of Payment to Private Forester for a Harvest

    We will soon be entering into our first contract with our forester for the harvest of our best sugar bush stand to adhere to our Forest Management Plan and in preparation of pipeline install for the...
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    Ben; Just to assure I am understanding, the...

    Ben; Just to assure I am understanding, the Garmin 60CSX unit will allow me to walk our trails or boundaries, stop and it will record coordinates at each stop point and I can transfer the coordinates...
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    Dave; Thanks for pointing me to the gpsvisualizer...

    Dave; Thanks for pointing me to the gpsvisualizer site. I will be sure to check it out.

    What I am envisioning to map our trails is having a device in my hand and walking our trails. The device...
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    Mapping Trails in the Sugar Bush

    I would like to map the trails in our forest and would appreciate information on how to go about it. I.E. GPS tools, software...
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