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Cape tapper
01-19-2017, 08:55 PM
2 years ago was my first year. Tapped some big red maples about the third week of Feb. Was a cold winter and ended up with about 10 gallons of sap and made about a quart of syrup had a sweet, but off-taste. Did the same last year but it was a warmer winter. Basically got no sap. Figured I would start a lot earlier this year since we don't have the winters the guys up north have (I'm down near Cape May). Have 30 taps in since New Year's. some trees have put out a half gallon in a day once or twice. Others haven't done anything. Hopefully it all starts flowing soon.

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01-19-2017, 09:51 PM
Red Maples are fickle.

Some will not give a drop of sap on buckets. Others, a little.

A small diaphragm pump would help them run much better. You'll need to install tubing, however.