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03-07-2014, 03:22 PM
Tapped most of my trees today.14 sugar and one silver maple .All are running so I can't wait to get started boiling.I tried using milk jugs but they are blowing off in the wind, so I headed to wally world and picked up some frosting buckets to use instead. Had to slog thru knee deep snow to get started but warmer weather should help.

Roger Taylor
03-07-2014, 05:34 PM
I also got a start yesterday and today getting things tapped over in the Crystal Lake area. Will finish tapping on Monday because of a commitment in Wisconsin on Saturday. Hope this lasts for a few weeks, we deserve a decent spring after the winter most of us lived through. Later!!

Roger Taylor
03-28-2014, 09:30 PM
It is now three weeks later and the sap is starting to really flow at some of my locations. I picked up 44 gallons yesterday and 67 gallons today. This is on the verge of too much for me to keep up with by myself if it continues to run like this. My 2 x 5 batch pan can only push 8 to 10 gallons out the top. 261.5 gallons of collected sap so far and I just barely keeping up. Just joking, anyone need some sap to boil Later!!!! out to keep my boil going 3/30, Sunday, 341 gallons of sap, looks as though the ten day report looks to be good up here in N. Illinois

Roger Taylor
04-05-2014, 07:46 PM
pulled my equipment out of the woods today, running out of jars, firewood, and energy. Over 419 gallons of sap and guessing about 13+ gallons of syrup. Late start this year ,but all in all, pretty good for a hobby. R. Taylor, Cary, Illinois

04-05-2014, 08:51 PM
Glad you had a good season Roger, we are going to pull taps tomorrow and clean up.