Two very large CDL round-bottom stainless tanks for sale. Both are in excellent condition with no rust on their black powder-coated steel frames. Both have ladders integrated into their frames. The larger of the two has been stored inside a shipping container for its entire life; the smaller one has been stored outside but under cover. Well cared for, no dents at all. Original owner. The large tank still has the stainless wrap on its expansion cross members. Located in southwestern Ohio, near Cincinnati. Note - the picture looking along the side of the big one is reflecting the side of the shipping container, so it may look a little funny. The smaller tank is 2793 Gallons (built for the 2017 season): 5’ wide, 14’ long, 6’ tall and I am asking $3500 USD. The larger tank is 3793 Gallons (built for the 2016 season): 6’ wide, 20’ long, 5’ tall and I am asking $5000 USD.