Maple Syrup Reverse Osmosis. Consists of a ¾ HP motor running a high-pressure pump pushing through a 4” x 40” membrane. The pressure gauge (shown in the picture at the top of the canister) must be hand regulated by the shut off valve (shown in the picture at the top of the membrane canister). It sounds complicated, but it truly isn’t and I’ll give you plenty of support if you need it. I used this system last year and works flawlessly. I made 33 gallons of syrup in the same time it took me to make 10 gallons the year before. Will separate up to 100 gallons of pure water from your sap per hour. Think about how much boiling time you will save, fire wood, splitting wood, stacking wood! Time is money! It puts the “fun” back into making syrup again! I can give you phone numbers of people using my system if you want testimonials! Will take your sap from 2% sugar content to 5% sugar content with one cycle through this RO system. I will include a refractometer (sugar concentration measurement gauge) with your purchase. This system will drastically increase your production! Well worth the money. Membranes will last many seasons if you clean and winterize them properly! This system will cost you $4,000 - $5,000 if you want all the “bells and whistles”. My system works just as well, but is significantly cheaper! Don’t get me wrong…this system is built very well…I’ve sold many of them but I just don’t have all the fancy gauges and electronics that go bad. Can ship for an extra fee or you can pick up for free. If you want more information, call or text Levi at 7six5 five8five 7zero7one.