Large Smartrek remote woods monitoring system (installed in 2018 and used two seasons), complete with remote vacuum pump start/stop, tank level sensor, 12 vacuum line sensors, and 8 programmable automated valves. This system has it all to let you sleep at night knowing what's happening in your woods AND you can do something about those midnight line breaks without getting out of bed! Most systems will alert that you have a sudden drop in vacuum on a specific tubing line. That doesn't help much in the middle of the night when you are seeing one or two bad lines affect the vacuum performance across your whole woods. If you're like me, you would prefer not to venture out until daylight and/or a bad storm is over. This setup includes eight automated butterfly valves (similar to the way Marcland auto-draw valves work). You can chose to close a line off via the system if the vaccum indicates a major problem. Also handy if you need to actuate valves to drain a pump line after shutting off for the night and don't want to walk all the way back to your extractor shed. Or shift flow to another tank when your primary is full. Endless possibilities! System includes: Valves: (8) 2-inch Automated Butterfly Valves (8) SmartTrek Valve Control Boxes (14) Stainless inserts for 1" vacuum lines (2) Stainless inserts for 1.5" vacuum lines (16) Gaskets and Stainless Tri-clamps. Main System: (12) Single Port Vacuum Sensors (1) Tank Level Sensor (110v) (1) 7.5HP Remote Pump Starter (5) Remote Control Relays (1) 8" SmartTrek computer tablet (1) Long range portable gateway (1) Signal repeater. This system was originally $14K new (asking $7500 now). I have sold the woods that the system was in and am not sure when I will be expanding again. I can provide a complete model number parts list upon request. System packs easily into three medium sized boxes and can easily and quickly be shipped anywhere.