Maple lease for sale, on Buyea Rd, Canastota, about 1 mile south of County Landfill. The lease has 700-750 taps with potential for about 800 taps.Site has 1000 gal Surge vacuum tank and an Alamo 75-100 vacuum pump. Tank is in very good condition. Was always used as vacuum tank, but I built a releaser stand to mount on top of the tank but then decided due to my age, to sell the lease. I often hauled 800-1100 gal of sap off this lease on better days. All maples are sugars and are in the 10-16,18" size range, with many younger coming on. There are a few larger trees too. larger end from the tank is on a wet/dry system, the smaller section is on a 3/4" and a 1" main. Lease now has 3 sap ladders and about 250-300 of the taps are on 3/16 laterals. Drops are all 4 yrs or less old. Entire woods is on vacuum. Price will depend on what you want, just the lease/tubing, the vacuum tank or the Alamo vacuum pump with a 1 yr old Honda 270 cc gas engine that when running 18-19" vacuum gets 20-22 hrs on 9 gal gas. Most of the mains are Leader 30P, about 10-15% of mains are black water line, most saddles are DSD saddles. Taps are a mix of CV2 and Zap Bac with a few others. The Zap bac were new in 2019, some CV2 were new in 2019, most CV2 were new in 2017. This woods is east facing slope, with about 50 taps roadside. Because of my health issues this lease was not tapped in 2018. Contact Dave Klish (maple flats) for more info. Buyer must be approved by landowner. I paid $.80/tap this year for the lease. Price has been set to adjust in the past based on the declared cost of living for social security.