For sale is a 5 year old 2 x 5 custom evaporator that I had W F Mason of Maine make for me. It has a 2 x 3 rear flat pan that feeds into a 2 compartment 2 x 2 front syrup pan. Arch is fully insulated and bricked in fire box area. It has a 6" preheat tank which heats the sap to 150-160 degrees prior to entering the rear pan. It has a blower which really helps evaporation. It will boil 15-16 gph if your lazy and will do 17-18 gph if you stay on your firings with good wood. I have made 30-35 gallons of syrup on this unit each year I have used it. Comes with base stack (8") as shown. excellent condition and ready to go. I just bought a 2 x 6 drop flue evaporator as I am going bigger is reason for selling. I tapped 150 trees and didn't RO with this evaporator and it kept up. Clay Stroup in Almont, Michigan 48003. 586-940-2605