This is a perfect set up for a backyard sugar maker with 50 to 100 taps. This is a stainless steel Smoky Lake Full Pint evaporator pan with drop flues, significantly increasing your boiling surface and giving you evaporation rate of up to 15 gallons per hour. It sits on a Leader half pint arch with the blower fan that I installed that will get your boil ripping good wicked fast. Includes a stainless steel thermometer in a stainless steel drop off valve. No solder, no lead. Everything that touches your sap is welded stainless. All you need are taps and buckets and youríre ready to have an amazing sugaring season. Iíve used this rig for about six years. Iím upgrading to a larger size. This is a great setup for a homesteader or backyard sugar maker.