Speed up the filtering process with the L.S. Bilodeau Vacuum Filter Press. It is designed to be connected to a vacuum or shop vac (about 8hg). This unit is geared towards the small producer who is looking for an affordable filter press. How it works: In a separate container, heat your maple syrup to approx.185 degrees Fahrenheit. Mix in filter powder and then pour the mixture into the top of the filter press. The vacuum pulls the syrup through the filters, leaving behind the minerals that need to be filtered out. Adapter not included. Features: Stainless Steel Stainless valve with spout Transparent level Filter support perforated tray Perforated tray hooks Dial pressure 2 handles 12" diameter x 21" height Optional stainless steel cover available for $65. Available in 3 sizes: 12" diameter x 21" height (7 gallons US) - currently only 1 available 17" diameter x 21" height (14 gallons US) - custom order 17" diameter x 28" height (18 gallons US) - custom order To order the larger 14 gallon or 18 gallon filter press, send us a message. Shipping: Please contact us directly so we can arrange custom shipping. Otherwise local pickup is available in Brunswick, ME.