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Thread: MMPA Package

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    Default MMPA Package

    I got the MMPA package with the new and improved Sugar Bush News today. The new design and info are great. I got a chuckle from the "Mark Your Calendars" section. I also appreciate all the swag they sent - MMPA sticker, new grading guidelines card, and ALB poster. Good stuff.

    My only regret is that I'm not closer to that free slab wood offered in the classifieds.


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    Yes the Mark your calendar for the NAMSC meeting is great!

    The stickers and other stuff are nice for the members... Mass Maple is striving to do a lot for the members. Dont forget the Jan Meeting for Syrup Grading. it will be very informative.
    Jim & Charlene Desjardins
    Belchertown MA.

    Had a good 13 year run, but circumstances ! and loss of tree use.. we are ending the Maple thing for now... maybe be back in a few years


    facebook Jim Desjardins

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