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Thread: Maple Straws

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    Quote Originally Posted by AmyS View Post
    I would be interested in knowing how you make the maple straws. thanks Amy
    I haven't made these myself but remember seeing them in the "New York State/ Cornell Maple program Maple Confections Notebook". They need to be boiled for 5 minutes after cold packing and sealing.


    One product that is used as a snack is the honey stick/straw. As maple syrup sticks can be also prepared, we evaluated how to stabilize the product to make it shelf-stable, because if the maple syrup is filled cold into the sticks or straws it will mold over time.
    The maple syrup was filled at room temperature into the plastic sticks and heat sealed. We placed them into boiling water to establish the time needed to pasteurize the sealed sticks. Five minutes in the boiling water bath is sufficient to stabilize the syrup

    I think the empty straws can be bought through honey equipment suppliers.
    The maple notebook can be downloaded for free here:


    Hope this helps
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    would like the info on making maple straws, can't figure out how to private mes. Belshee creek, says you are only a guest, send me a mess. maplefarmer

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    Here is the cheaper way go to the us plastics web site and look for an impulse sealer. I just got one cost about $80 with with shipping I think. I have just played with it and it takes a little to get it right, but all you do is put the syrup or honey in a squeeze bottle and fill clear straws (got mine online I forget where like a 3000 straw case for like like $25 or something) and I still need to make a little wooden jig but you can seal a bunch (10-15 or so ) straws at once works pretty good. you can also use the sealer for sealing plastic bags as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Belshee Creek View Post
    We started making honey straws or "Sticks" this year and I bet this will work for maple syrup also. Object is to get the stuff in the straws which is no easy task if you have never did it before. Alot of guys on the web are trying to sell equipment to do this with for alot of money. I have been doing it on the cheap and will give anyone the info if you want to private message me. The reason for the private message is to not let the cat out of the bag to non-members who will publish this info all over the web. Those of us who want to use this in our business would rather keep the secret to ourselves. The info is free. I had a hard time trying to get this info, but was able to see other equipment and got it together and made it work. Again, not selling anything here, just think it would be a nice thing to do since I have used this web site to get info on making great maple syrup. I sell the "sticks" at farmers markets and on my web site, nice thing to give as gifts, bundle them and sell as Bakers dozen. Anyway, thought I would add this info for anyone wanting to know how to get them made. Send me a note if you want the info. Thanks.

    Can you email me since you didn't leave yours? Northwoodsnectar.com I am interested in this technique for samples.

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