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Thread: Maple Straws

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    Default Maple Straws


    Heard of selling these maple straws from a producer in NY for Maple Weedend/Maple Sunday.

    Anyone else used these? Do they sell well?

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    Great idea, it sure would work good for free samples as there would only be a small quanity inside.

    For gift shops, it would be a great idea!

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    I've seen them being sold at some of the farm shows. Interesting concept. Think I'll stick with candy.
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    Default Making Maple and Honey Straws

    We started making honey straws or "Sticks" this year and I bet this will work for maple syrup also. Object is to get the stuff in the straws which is no easy task if you have never did it before. Alot of guys on the web are trying to sell equipment to do this with for alot of money. I have been doing it on the cheap and will give anyone the info if you want to private message me. The reason for the private message is to not let the cat out of the bag to non-members who will publish this info all over the web. Those of us who want to use this in our business would rather keep the secret to ourselves. The info is free. I had a hard time trying to get this info, but was able to see other equipment and got it together and made it work. Again, not selling anything here, just think it would be a nice thing to do since I have used this web site to get info on making great maple syrup. I sell the "sticks" at farmers markets and on my web site, nice thing to give as gifts, bundle them and sell as Bakers dozen. Anyway, thought I would add this info for anyone wanting to know how to get them made. Send me a note if you want the info. Thanks.

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    Honey is manufactured into them/that's where they got the idea- Betterbee(A Beekeeping supply CO.) in Greenwich, N.Y. sells a machine that can make those straws- about $3,000. A lady in N.H. invented/makes the machine that does that.

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    $3000 is alot for a small operator to spend just to make straws with maple or honey in them. You would have to sell 12,000 straws at .25 each to just break even! WOW, jezz like I said, info on how to make these at much less is not being shared out in the world. But if someone has the market and big money maybe it would pay off, if you have the cash. For me and others maybe doing it the old fashoned way is better.

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    You can send the Honey out and have it put into straws for the price of ? Fairly in-expensive from what i hear. Forgot the amount.

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    A member in our association was very interested in these and ordered some with maple in them from a local maple dealer. I think they get them made in California. Anyway the short story is that he was passing these out as samples at his Tour and Taste weekend event and his granddaughter just happen to grab one and tasted it. She rushed to the sugarmaker and allowed him to taste it also. Guess what they found. Yep the syrup was sour! We tried some at a board meeting and he was correct this was not a good product to advertise quality syrup. Now we don't know the root cause of this. Was the syrup sour prior to packing> did it sour in the straw? What was the age of the product after being put in the straw? Could it sour in the straw being cold packed? We had more questions than answers. Maybe one of the maple traders could shed some light on this. As a group we decided not to use these. I would say that if you do just make sure the flavor is good maple!

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    Maybe this will shed a little light? The ladys name is Kate Hamilton from busy bee farm in Raymond, N.H. Tele# 1-866-469-7889 or email at Kate@BusyBeeFarm.com guess you can look at the machine at the website Http://www.busybeefarm.com/stickypage.htm

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    I would be interested in knowing how you make the maple straws. thanks Amy

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