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Thread: 275 Gallon Plastic Tote with Detergent

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    THis is a little different but somehow the same. Several years ago there were many (100's) Dr. Pepper soda syrup barrels that came onto the market here in New York. 30 Stainless steel, nice heavy gauge barrels. They stunk to high heaven of Dr. Pepper naturally. I and others tried all sorts of different scenarios trying to get rid of that smell. We ended up using live steam and that didn't cut the smell. That Season we filled the barrels with syrup and and sampled throughout the year. No off flavors or smells were found. HOwever, when we steamed the barrels to clean them after syrup storage, they smelled like Dr. Pepper. I ended up selling the barrels (along with a lot of other equipment) when I foolishly thought I was getting out of the syrup business. The new owner can still smell Dr. Pepper to this day.

    So, the smells may be imbedded in the plastic tote forever, but, MIGHT not transfer to whatever is stored in it.

    Food for thought (Not sure if pun was intended or not).
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    I found someone with 300 gallon totes that said they some had iodine in them and that other had some type of chloinated cleaner. According to him he has had lots of people buy these for sap, but I think I will keep on looking. The olny reason I was interested was they cost 100 bucks each, but I don't think it is worth the risk of cross contamination. Any thoughts

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    I would pass on them, or anything with a cleaner or strong odor. Keep looking, you should eventually run in to some that had some type of low odor food product in them. The ones I have came from an ice cream plant and had some water soluble ice cream additive. I've also used butter flavored cooking oil barrels (lots of blue Dawn and even lots more rinsing with lots of hot water). I've had no off flavors to speak of. As a matter of fact, I've had several customers tell me that my syrup tastes better than any of that fancy stuff they bought from locals while traveling the northeast.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Goggleeye View Post
    As a matter of fact, I've had several customers tell me that my syrup tastes better than any of that fancy stuff they bought from locals while traveling the northeast.
    That is funny!!!!!! Mid West syrup is best?????
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    Two things: plastic totes with flavor concentrate and refurbishing stainless. I wouldn't worry about a plastic container that had a food product. It gives a whiff every now and then but it won't flavor syrup if you bleach and hot water wash. Soap and cleaner tote, however, I would NEVER use one I didn't sell to a food producing customer and I knew it was a chlorinated cleaner meant to be rinsed.

    Secondly, I sell chemicals for a living. There are processed used to clean and revamp stainless. We do it all the time for breweries and pharma customers. However, the chemistry is nasty. These facilities are setup to use and dispose of chemicals I wouldn't give to a "careful friend."

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