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Thread: food safe silicone caulk

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    Default food safe silicone caulk

    Is there a brand of silicone caulk that is foodsafe .So far I've only found ones that say incidental contact .I have a leak in my plastic tank and thought maybe some sort of silicone might work.
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    I would use 2-part epoxy. Once it sets, there are no concerns.
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    DAP brand caulk makes one. Its "Kitchen & Bath 100% Silicone Sealant". I don't know if it comes in colors, but I get the clear silicone.

    Printed on the tube- "SAFE FOR FOOD CONTACT: When cured and washed, ingredients which remain or which could migrate to food are listed in FDA Regulation No. 21 CFR 121.2600

    You might have to search a little bit for this stuff. The "big box" stores around here don't stock it. I found it at an independantly-owned building supply near me. The little guys always have the hard to find stuff.

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