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Thread: Introduce yourselves....

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    jerseymaple welcome to the trader. There are a lot of very helpfull folks on here. So ask away! and no tap in different wood try to stay 6 inches away from old hole and not directly above or below it. Hope this helps and have fun, Mike
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    holes to big, I use a 5/16 drill bit and spouts called "health spouts". No don't use same hole. go to opposite side of tree from last time it was tapped. If you do tap by an existing hole stay 6" either side and 2' above or below if you really have to. When tapping drill up at a very slight angle and don't wobble drill bit in tree set tap in tree snug enough to hold bucket but dont split tree driving tap in to hard.
    Have fun
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    I finally found a place where people get together and share ideas, and help, concerning Maple Syrup.

    My wife, son, and I are total noobs when it comes to making maple syrup. We didn't have a clue in 2010 when on a whim we setup a total of 10 taps on our property and at my mother's house. We gathered the sap using plastic sap sacks and storing in plastic buckets from the local bakery. As the sap flowed, we quickly searched the Internet for tips on what to do next. We boiled it all down on the kitchen stove in a roasting pan. Filtered it through coffee filters (WHAT A SLOW MESS!!) and finally into pint jars. We wound up with a total of 2.5 gallons of syrup, some given away as Christmas presents and the rest we used ourselves.

    This year we're going to try again, but want to work smarter. However, thanks to the economy, there isn't much $$$ to play with. Since filtering was a nightmare last year, we ordered some Orlon cone filters with pre-filters inserts. I'm looking for good ideas for a better/easier/faster/CHEAP way of boiling it all down. Any help the community can provide will be very appreciated.

    We live in a surburban area on an acre of land with several maple trees, and my mother's property has four good sized trees also. This severely limits our sap gathering ability, and is something that we could use some ideas on. Do people rent trees??

    I know I will be digging through the posts for ideas that I can use. Hopefully I can provide assistance or ideas to others also.
    Computer Steve
    2009 - Never thought about making maple syrup before.
    2010 - First attempt: 10 taps, plastic sap sacks, kitchen stove, 2.5 gallons of delicious Maple Syrup.
    2011 - 37 taps, plastic bucket collection, and stainless steam table pans over high output propane burner for evap. (Need to find more trees!!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by jerseymaple View Post
    Well after reading a bunch of post, I can see right off the bat I am out of my league.
    Not at all! If you read many of the signature lines (the text added to the bottom of posts) you will notice just about everyone grew from very humble beginnings. You have already discovered the satisfaction and enjoyment of making your own maple syrup and now time will tell just how much you will need to make to keep everyone (including yourself) happy.

    Welcome to Maple Trader!

    - Bryan

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    Default Read..Read...Read!!!

    To ComputerSteve
    The best advise we could give you, and what we have used, is get the North American Maple Manual. It is a great book with history, stories, and ideas. Hope this helps you it did us and still does today.
    I am a 3rd generation maple producer, with 80,000 taps & 28 sugar bushes.
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    Sap Tanks rangeing from 600 to 6000 g
    (Hired Boys says "All numbers subject to change" Ha Ha)

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    Thanks for the info on where to tap. Up to 3 gallons already. Last year i used an old wine cork to plug the hole, is this a good or bad idea? seemed to work just fine. Also how long does the sap run? a week? month? sorry for the beginners questions.

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    You don't need to put a cork in it. The tree will heal over the hole itself. Really we all put effect into delaying that and keeping the tap hole running as long as possible.
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    Default Intro from the Deep South of Vermont

    Thanks to all who have posted thoughtful and informative posts to this site.
    I've been reading and researching.

    I grew up and live on a 1700s Vermont farm. We have an old sugar house and my folks did a little sugaring in my youth. Bit stock tapping, buckets carried with a yoke. The pan was sold and the arch rusted out years ago.

    Now I am going to resurrect the sugar house and make some syrup. I've been hanging around sugar houses during boiling and helping run lines for friends, but there's a huge amount I don't know. So I am happy to have found this site.

    I need to get equipment, get the sugarhouse up and running again, and learn lots, so I may be posting a query now and then.

    Here's a couple of pics of some of the equipment we have hanging around. If you can't make out the letters on the spout, it states "Patent Nov.24.1868". I have quite a few buckets like the one pictured; do you think I need to upgrade my equipment?

    I also have about 20 galvanized buckets I plan to hang this season, I probably won't run tubing until next year.

    Thanks again to all who contribute here.
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    I would think about geting some updated equipment. You can purchase used aluminum buckets rather cheep and new spiles are cheep also. I bet if you sell one of those wooden buckets, you could purchase alot of equipment. I have seen them go up to $20.00. If you ever decide to sell some, I would like to buy a couple just to hang in my sugarhouse for looks. Good luck and have fun.
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    Default Hello!

    Hi there,

    I'm looking forward to getting my first "real" evaporator this year. I've been boiling in roasting pans on a small woodstove for a few years.

    Aside from the evaporator I have this shopping list:
    More buckets
    5 gal buckets for storing sap

    Anything else you think I'll need?
    Thanks - Chris

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