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Thread: Eastern Wisconsin

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    Quote Originally Posted by WI Sugarpop View Post
    I checked our bag woods on Monday and all bags were flying so when I stopped yesterday late morning many bags were full. I was surprised. By the time I got back to collect they were running over. The ones on the North side of woods were finally doing something. Tomorrow will be 8 weeks for us. Will be pulling taps on Monday and then cleanup.
    I’m wondering too if Monday is the last day! Whata season! What if there is another week left?
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    Figured it's time to wake this thread up! Everyone getting ready? All set here for whenever the weather says go. I am really glad I put my tubing up during the nice January weather!
    2015 - Small operation. 25 buckets. One excited 5 year old and one 35 year old that feels 5 again.
    2016 - One year older. New Homemade 2x4 Arch, Smoky Lake Pan and looking at 52 maples, 17 box elders and 2 walnut trees.
    2017 - Shurflo 4008 hooked to 42 stingy silver maples and a few Norways. A couple buckets on sugars and norways. 10 box elders.
    2018 - Adding a few more taps.

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    I have most of my woods work done thanks to the warm spell in early January. Long range forecast looks like 3 to 4 weeks before tapping. Good luck this year.
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