Hey Sugarmakers if youíre not cooking, or repairing tubing in your own camp today go visit a Sugar Camp that is open today for visitors, Iím willing to bet you will learn something, maybe see some idea that you should try! Iíve been coming to Somerset County since 1998 when my father and I started buying supplies from Henry Breenaman, in all those years Iíve met many a Sugarmaker, just met the owner of Hill and Hollow Maple, Mr Fadley, he is on the tour Camp number 4,
There is probably 20 plus camps open, virtually impossible to visit all in one day! I would love to go today, but going to Arlington Va. to a pancake breakfast where my syrup is featured, fund raiser for my 4 year old granddaughterís preschool, that should be a blast. I have to drop a few other names of producers in Somerset, Jason Blocker, Milroy Farms. A wealth of knowledge; privileged too have met his parents before there passing, Jeremy Walters, Wagners Sugar Camp, you need to meet Ron Breeneman, when you visit, more info on the antique maple equipment than you will be able to remember. Another friend Everett Sechler on the Western end of the County, Mike Lynch on Sugar Cake Road, another great person! Iím willing to bet everyone open today is a great person, I just have not had the privilege to meet them yet, but hopefully someday!