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Thread: Sand, vermiculite, or just a blanket?

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    Interesting - I was thinking about this as an option too and am glad to hear you've had good experiences with it. I have a bunch of roxul left over from a previous renovation, so I think I'll go this route and save myself a few bucks instead of doing the vermiculite. Did you cover the roxul with a lay of the fire blanket, or just leave it exposed? Given it's not loose like vermiculite, I'm thinking it would work without the need for a fire blanket.

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    It does not need fire blanket to cover it. Works just as well as fire blanket.
    Only put it where it is not going to come into contact with wood from the firebox.
    It will last a long time
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    I put a single layer of 1/2 fire brick on top of vermiculite. I wanted something lighter than sand and my experience with outdoor boiling taught me that sand absorbs moisture something awful. The layer of brick is less about insulation than it is making sure I don't trash whatever is back there with my flue brush.
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