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Thread: Copper pipe fittings?

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    Default Copper pipe fittings?

    Does anyone have any qualms about copper pipe and fittings in the evaporator flow such as from pan to pan or the drawoff? (from food safety or flavor standpoint)? Looking at a sort of backyard setup on marketplace with copper fittings visible in the pictures.

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    I wouldn’t worry about a fitting here or there as long as they are not lead soldered joints. Copper used to be a safe metal to use in the food industry because of its qualities. But it has been phased out in recent years. Not to sure why. It’s naturally anti microbial and isn’t full of chemicals like plastic pipe that can leach into products.
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    All types of copper are not acceptable in maple sugaring. Copper pipe, fittings, valves not labeled lead free, and pans. Copper can contain up to 5% lead and due to the acidity of maple sap, lead can leach out of the copper.
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    Just use leadfree components. The copper is all leadfree, you only need to watch fittings and valves. You might need to use SS valves.
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