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Thread: Simplest Tubing System

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    Default Simplest Tubing System

    I've resisted installing tubing in my sugar bush and have been collecting sap in the blue bag Sap Sak assemblies. The Sap Saks are a labor-intensive task that, for me, requires two or more people to help collect. This is a weak link in my sugaring operation as helpers are not always available when I need to collect.

    I am thinking of installing a tubing system for up to 400 taps for the 2024 season. My lower sugar bush does not have enough elevation for a 3/16" gravity system. My evaporator is about 1000' from the entrance to my sugar bush.

    What is the simplest tubing system to put up with sap going from the trees to one or more 275-gallon totes? The plan would be to transport full totes to my evaporator.
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    I believe the three tubing rules are 1 straight, 2 tight, and 3 downhill.
    Having said that, down hill only really has to be about 3-4 degrees. (This is off the top of my head without looking it up). As long as your lines follow the three rules, you don’t need a very steep slope. Use side ties to tighten and straighten droopy tubing.
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    You do not need much elevation at all for tubing. Even 3/16 tubing. Not sure what you have for a gradient, but if you are going to move totes, I'd put your totes at the lowest point you can access with a tractor, etc., and run tubing to them. You'd be surprise at what can work - especially if the gradient changes most during the last part of your runs. Absent that, consider a small diaphragm pump with a marine battery, as that can make a world of difference for not a lot of money.
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    We have sections of flat bush that still allow for a modest drop in the tubing.
    Zig Zag all over the place, and have each lateral deposit into a 55 gallon barrell as mini collection spots.
    Often I gather solo, and we have 400+ taps in the back of a 300 acre parcel- over 1 mile to the road.
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