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Thread: Vacuum pump recommendations

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    Default Vacuum pump recommendations

    long time lurker, fist time poster. bear with me fellas.

    After a dozen or so years of bags and buckets time has come to pipeline my woods, so looking for some pump recommendations.

    My woods is flat flat, roughly 550 taps, looks like I'll have a couple of 1" mains about 400' each, and 4-5, 3/4" laterals about 200' each off each main. There will probably be 4 ladders about 8' high.

    Been looking at various Gast pumps, 1550, 2565/67, 3040. Pumphouse will be remote and ran with a generator, so open to suggestions.

    thx, Al

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    My woods are very flat, i purchased equipment to shoot grade to make sure I got at least 2% on all my lines, that enabled me to do just one ladder up and over the road. I am using a Surge Alamo 100 from a dairy operation. IF everything is good and tight I see about 25-27" of vacuum, and the sap ladder works as it should. The pump was cheap, but did spend some cash adding new oil drippers(also adding a 3rd dripper on the intake side). I also plan on upgrading the oil cooler so i don't lose so much pump oil through the exhaust. It's old, it takes some work, but it's simple and does the job. In a few years maybe i'll buy something that wasn't built before I was born, lol. I would love to have better newer, but what works is also sufficient.
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    You could do a Guzzler Double Diaphragm Pump from Bosworth. No oil or releaser needed. Great little pumps for 400-800 taps the only draw back is that it is a very low CFM unit.
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