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Thread: Dr Perkins

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    Default Dr Perkins

    Since your post is unreplyable, I would be remiss to not express my appreciation for the years of advice and knowledge I have gained by speaking to you in person, attending seminars and of course on this forum. Especially since I sugar in PA. I guess I am one of the old-timers that dont frequent this site or post much anymore but what you have done for this industry is incomparable. Best wishes and best of health to you!

    CDL 2x8
    Around 3000 taps
    Polaris ATVs, Ski Doo snowmobiles to get around
    Atlas Copco, Surge SP-22 pumps
    Lapierre two post RO


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    We are Vermont Proud to have you as our main source of technical wisdom on maple sugaring. Best wishes and enjoy retirement.
    Ken & Sherry
    Williston, VT
    16x34 Sugarhouse
    1,500 taps on high vacuum, Electric Releaser & CDL Sap Lifter
    Wood-Fired Leader 30"x10' Vortex Arch & Max Raised Flue with Rev Syrup Pan & CDL1200 RO

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    I have to give you a major thank you, your wisdom was extremely beneficial in helping me in my first two years of sugaring. I may have caused you some angst with my questions and observations. Your expertise helped guide me to two successful seasons.

    Thank you again and enjoy your retirement. I have been retired for almost 13 years now and have not been bored for one second of it.
    2022 - 5 pan block arch - 109 taps, 73 on 3/16 lines, 36 on drops into 5 gallon pails.
    930 gallons boiled, 109 L (28.8 gals) of delicious syrup made.
    DYI Vacuum Filter
    2023 - 170 taps, mostly on lines, 1153 gallons boiled, 130 L (34.34 gals) of delicious syrup made, on a 2x4 divided pan and base stack, 8” pipe, on a block arch that boiled at a rate of 13 gallons per hour.

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    Although it is sad to see you leave your position, I wish you the best in your retirement. I have always welcomed your input and advice to this forum. Best wishes to you for a long and enjoyable retirement.
    16' X 24' Sugarhouse
    2' X 6' Leader Inferno Arch with Revolution Raised-Flue Pans, Smoky Lake preheater and hood
    Deer Run Maple gas-powered 250 RO
    WesFab 7" filter press
    Kubota 1100 RTV with tracks and 125 gallon tank for transporting sap
    800 taps on gravity and vacuum
    Very supportive wife who is the best coworker

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    Congratulations on your retirement. A sincere THANK YOU for all the of the hard work you have put into the industry. I really appreciated meeting you at the Southern Symposium in WV a couple of years ago. My little sugar operation wouldn't have been possible had I not stumbled onto the trader about 12 years ago.

    Ben Walker
    '12 15 jugs - Steam pans
    '17 125 3/16 - 18" x 72" drop flue on homemade arch
    '18 240 3/16 - Deer Run 125
    '19 450 3/16 - Converted RO to electric/added a membrane
    '20 600 3/16 - Maple Pro 2x6 Raised Flue, added AOF/AUF
    '21 570 3/16 - Built steam hood, Smoky Lake filter press
    '22 800 3/16 - Upgraded RO to 4 4x40
    '23 500 3/16 - Re-plumbed RO, new "Guzzler"
    '24 900 3/16 - Steam Away, DIY 8x40 RO

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    Yet another thank you. I'm not a Vermonter, but I very much appreciate the creative and skilled approach, and the scientific method being applied to syruping. I have a number of scientists in my family, and I know how much work goes into trying to "get it right", and then all the effort it takes to document that research in as clear and as transparent a way as possible.

    Thank you for everything you've done, and in particular I appreciate you sharing your knowledge and insight with this forum.

    Gabe O
    2016: Homemade arch from old wood stove; 2 steam tray pans; 6 taps; 1.1 gal
    2017: Same setup. 15 taps; 4.5 gal
    2018: Same setup. Limited time. 12 taps and short season; 2.2 gal
    2019: Very limited time. 7 taps and a short season; 1.8 gals
    2020: New Mason 2x3 XL halfway through season; 9 taps 2 gals
    2021: Same 2x3, 18 taps, 4.5 gals
    2022: 23 taps, 5.9 gals
    2023: 23 taps. Added AUF, 13 gals
    All taps on buckets

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    I haven't been here very long or been sugaring very long but I've really appreciated your presence here, Tim, and your work at PMRC. You didn't have to be here on this forum, but you were here. And somehow you kept the respect of us all in a world where scholarship is not always appreciated, perhaps in part by your obvious respect for all here from 1 tap to 100,000 taps (anyone on here with more than that?). You'll be missed.

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    I would also like to thank Tim for his contributions to the Maple world. He will be missed and I hope he has a long and enjoyable retirement.
    Smoky Lake 2x6 dropflu pans and hoods on homemade arch
    Smoky Lake 6 gallon water jacked bottler
    Concentric Exhaust
    250 Deer Run RO
    325 taps

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