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Thread: Thank you

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    Default Thank you

    Hi Folks,

    Most of you know that I'll be retiring soon. Given my accumulated leave time, I actually have only about 1/2 day of time that I will be in the office. At this point I am referring all questions to Dr. Abby van den Berg (Assistant Director of UVM PMRC) and Mark Isselhardt (UVM Maple Extension Specialist). While I am not removing myself from this list entirely (yet), I will no longer be checking it on a regular basis nor serving as moderator. It's been (mostly) a pleasure to interact with the maple producers on this forum, and I hope it will continue to be a success and a resource for people to learn and exchange information. Fortunately, the number of maple researchers and educators across the maple belt has been expanding in recent years, and there is a wealth of information available through these folks directly as well as online.

    Several folks have asked who will succeed me as Director at UVM PMRC. I've made my recommendation and I feel that the choice is obvious, but no announcement has been made as yet. Hopefully that'll be forthcoming soon.

    So goodbye and my best to all. I hope you all have only good seasons from here on out, the squirrels avoid your tubing (or bags), your sap is sweet, the sugar sand is light, your pans never scorch or burn, your filters never plug, and your syrup always has award-winning flavor.


    "Dr. Tim" Perkins, Research Professor/Director
    UVM Proctor Maple Res Ctr
    Dr. Tim Perkins
    UVM Proctor Maple Research Ctr

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    You will be sorely missed, Dr Tim, you have been a valuable asset to this forum since it's inception many years ago. Thank you for your input and I trust your retirement will be all you and your family are looking for.
    Dave Klish
    Dave Klish, I recently ordered a 2x6 wood fired evaporator from A&A Sheet Metal which I will be converting to oil fired
    Now have solar, 2x6 finish pan, 5 bank 7x7 filter press, large water jacketed bottler, and tankless water heater.
    Recently bought another Gingerich RO, this one was a 125, but a second membrane was added thus is a 250, like I had.
    After running a 2x3, a 2x6, 3x8 tapping from 79 taps up to 1320 all woodfired, now I'm going to a 2x6 oil fired and a 200-425 taps.

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