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Thread: Birch Sugaring

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    Default Birch Sugaring

    Birch sap has started to flow in Northern Vermont. For anyone interested in birch syrup, I've added a real-time birch sap flow monitor to my maple sugaring website. Here's a sample, showing the temperature, flow rate and total sap for the last day, from one tap.

    The webpage is here...

    I hope some find this useful, and I'm always looking for feedback, thanks...
    Maple sugaring's only real-time data https://www.howsitrunning.com

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    Thanks for sharing. I am hoping to start tapping birch next season and will use this info as a reference.
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    First, thanks so much for posting this! Your experience with sugar content is almost exactly the same as ours with black birches in NE TN: Low early and peaking just before it abruptly ends. We collected and processed about 120 gallons of 0.4%. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-h4...ew?usp=sharing This is a picture of some of what I have made simmering and vacuum boiling.
    Do you find that birch is much harder to RO to a higher Brix than maple?

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