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    I don't spend much time with unfiltered syrup. In the sugarhouse, we go from the evaporator to the filter press while it is still hot, so there isn't much time for observation.

    I decided to do some stovetop boiling and make some small batches for observation. These samples were over the course of about 8 days and are in order from oldest to newest.

    Samples 2 and 4 both look approximately like what I'd expect. Particulate would settle out and the syrup would clarify over time. I was previously under the impression that the solids are all denser than syrup and settle.

    Sample 1 is a mix of things, so it can be ignored.

    Now, samples 3, 5, and 6: what is going on here? It looks like growth that you might find in undercooked syrup, but the cloudiness is there as soon as the syrup is finished (it didn't show up over time). The curious things here is that there is no sedimentation taking place in any of them. In sample 5, the cloudiness appears to be evenly dispersed, even though it was only made one day after sample 4. Sample 6 was made the day before the picture was taken, and the cloudiness appears to be heading to the top.

    The sap is all from the same set of trees, was clean, and was boiled within 16 hours or so. These were all tested with the same hydrotherm and measured between 66.4 and 67.0 brix at the time of finishing.

    Thank you, Chris
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