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Thread: Favorite/ Least Favorite

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    Quote Originally Posted by red dorakeen View Post

    Least favorite is boiling when it's in the 70°s and you can't wait because there's no snow to pile around the the sap to keep it from spoiling.
    Been there!
    16x24 Timber Frame Sugar House
    Mason 2x4 Evaporator
    90 trees on buckets

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    2 fav's, the start of the season, and the end of the season. Least fav , waist deep snow.
    44 27'08/71 27'56
    300 totalish taps 250 on tube and bosworth sap sucker
    50 bucket and bags about 40-50 gallons a season
    on a 2 by 7 home made evaporator and sugar shack
    1st gen circa 1966 still learning stuff

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    Too many to choose from. How about:

    Favorite: Arriving at the sugarbush to find every bucket overflowing.
    Least favorite: Looking at the woodpile and knowing I won't be able to make it through all that sap.

    Favorite: being in the sugar shack, everything is going well, snow is lightly falling outside and all is peaceful and beautiful.
    Least favorite: washing endless buckets after the season. Frozen buckets of sap is a good one too.

    2016: Homemade arch from old wood stove; 2 steam tray pans; 6 taps; 1.1 gal
    2017: Same setup. 15 taps; 4.5 gal
    2018: Same setup. Limited time. 12 taps and short season; 2.2 gal
    2019: Very limited time. 7 taps and a short season; 1.8 gals
    2020: New Mason 2x3 XL halfway through season; 9 taps 2 gals
    2021: Same 2x3, 18 taps, 4.5 gals
    2022: 23 taps, 5.9 gals
    2023: 23 taps. Added AUF, 13 gals
    All taps on buckets

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    This has been a fun post to read! All good likes and dislikes. We all probably have a small list of both if we gave it more thought. I have a bunch, but here's two of the bigger one's.

    Favorite: Spending quality time at the evaporator- both operating it and showing visitors how it works.

    Least favorite: Spending quality time at the evaporator- cleaning it.

    2014 Upgrades!: 24x40 sugarhouse & 30"x10' Lapierre welded pans, wood fired w/ forced draft, homemade hood & preheater
    400 taps- half on gravity 5/16, half on gravity 3/16
    Airablo R.O. machine - in the house basement!
    Ford F-350 4x4 sap gatherer
    An assortment of barrels, cage tanks & bulk tanks- with one operational for cooling/holding concentrate
    And a few puzzled neighbors...


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    Right now Least Favorite is my struggles with my RO and DE filtering.

    Favorite: Night boils, , the stack glowing, the yellow glow from the shack lights lighting up the steam coming out the shack, a star filled sky
    2019 - New 12X12 boiling pavilion
    2018 - New Mason 2X3 Hobby XL and homemade RO
    2017 - 49 taps on gravity, 6 on buckets.
    2016 - 19 taps on new 3/16 tubing, 24 on buckets
    2015 - 51 taps, 26 buckets
    2014 - 50 taps, 14 buckets, steel railroad toolbox converted into arch, new 2X3 continuous flow Phaneuf from Homestead Maple
    2013 - 33 taps, 12 buckets, steel railroad toolbox converted into arch, steam table pans
    2012 - 26 taps, 10 buckets, steel railroad toolbox converted into arch, steam table pans

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    Favorite: All work prior and during the season.
    Least Favorite: Post season clean-up.
    2016 - 2 x 4 Randy Worthen built arch and pans 11 taps; 2.625 gallons of syrup!
    2017 - 29 taps; 11.625 gallons of syrup!
    2018 - 30 taps; 98 pints bottled! New sugar house being built, new equipment coming!
    2019 - 125 taps; 50 gallons made! New 2x6 Smoky Lake Corsair arch, drop flue pan, auto draw. Smoky Lake filter press and Steam Bottler
    2020 - 173 taps; only 35 gallons made.
    2021 - 242 taps; New record! 50.5 gallons made!
    2022 - 321 taps; New record! 80 gallons made!

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    Favorite: Eating it on waffles before work most mornings
    Least Favorite: the dry rough burnt hands from hot and cold. Seems like not matter how careful I am, my hands take a beating after boiling.

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    Favorite: talking and showing people about the maple syrup process and the anticipation of the upcoming season
    Least favorite: Mud, having to dump sap on the ground, sleepless cold nights.

    Thanks for starting this thread!

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    Favorite: Being outside in the woods. Secondly the plumbing of vacuum and pumping.

    Least favorite: troubleshooting mechanical issues.
    850 Taps
    2 HP CDL Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump
    2000 Gallon Poly Tank
    3000 Tap CDL Mechanical Vertical Releaser

    2023- 825 taps 17325 gallons of sap
    2022- 800 taps 12375 gallons of sap
    2021- 350 taps 3815 gallons of sap

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    Favorite-tapping and hanging buckets in the snow
    Least-taking buckets down knowing I have to wait another year to do it again!
    100-110 buckets
    Leader 7.5" 3 Bank filter press (2023)
    RO Bucket RB10 (2017) upgraded to RB20 (2020)
    Homemade oil tank arch
    Homemade stainless pans
    12x16 Sugar Shack (new 2020)

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