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Thread: Favorite/ Least Favorite

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    Default Favorite/ Least Favorite

    Well, I've figured out my favorite and least favorite parts of sugaring, and it turns out they're the opposite ends of the same thing. My favorite thing is the sound of that "pop" of the canning jar lid, and my least favorite thing is the non-sound of the non-pop of the canning jar lid. Just had a 7 for 7 pop and that was very nice!

    Posted this under "backyarders" because I suspect we're the only ones using jars like this for syrup. I guess I'll have to come up with both a new favorite and non-favorite thing if I ever stop using the canning jars.

    Now that I have an orlon cone filter, filtering is not my least favorite. Not sure why people hate them so much. Syrup sailing right through. I'm only using one pre-filter though and suspect I'd be clearer if I used more than 1 as I'm reading of some people doing. But still looking pretty good.

    I'm having much flavor anxiety; so much so that my latest dark batch I thought I might throw away without finishing all of it. So, I took it around the neighborhood with a jar and dixie cups to see what the tree owners and other neighbors would think. Universally, they loved it and want more of it.

    So, I lied, that's actually my favorite thing. Still like that pop though.

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    Love that pop. My wife and I giggle everytime one pops down on our bottling night.
    Favorite of mine is collecting and seeing a overflowing 5 gal jug.20230324_145933.jpg
    Another favorite is the smell in the sugar shack when the bubbles start to get big and glossy.
    Least favorite was filtering through fabrics and cheesecloth in a funnel. New 3 plate Badgerland press eliminates that problem. Also least favorite is driving 3 hours up to my sugar camp and realizing all my jugs and buckets are frozen solid.
    Dan of Jack & Daniel's syrup.
    2021 - First time tapper, 40 TAPS, 7 GAL syrup, 400gpd RO
    2022- 105 taps, 17 gal syrup, 2x 400 gpd RO
    2023- 143 taps, 27 gal syrup New 12x16 shack. Lost my father in law Jack who helped me build it. New Badgerland filter press.
    2024 - 210 taps, 37 gal syrup, 6x 400gpd RO Procon pump

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    Favorite = spending time in the shack making memories with friends and family, enjoying some food and drinks, rejoicing in this awesome spring ritual.

    Least favorite = dealing with 90 frozen solid 3 gallon blocks of sap because I couldn't collect my buckets in time before a deep freeze.
    16x24 Timber Frame Sugar House
    Mason 2x4 Evaporator
    90 trees on buckets

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    Favorite for me is just being in the woods tapping, collecting or just maintaining trails.

    Least favorite is boiling when it's in the 70°s and you can't wait because there's no snow to pile around the the sap to keep it from spoiling.
    2019-2023 40 to 50 taps to get 8 to 10 gallons of syrup
    2018 Built the sugar shack, produced 10.5 gallons (converted some to sugar,& cream). taps varied 45 to 50
    2017 Built 2x4 arch for a divided pan, 8.5 gallons from 30 taps increased to 42 taps during season.
    2016 Produced 3 gallons & 1 quart Syrup, Block arch & 3 buffet pans, 12 taps
    2015 Thought about tapping

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    Great thread idea!

    Favorite: “Taste testing “ each batch as it comes off the evaporator. Tied with just being in the woods.
    Least Favorite: post season clean up. Ugg.
    Sugaring since 2000.
    2022 - 113 taps on tubing and gravity. Homemade evaporator and RO.
    2023 - 120 taps on 5/16 and gravity added a float to the pan an built a new 5x400gpd RO

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    Favorite : Put me down as another of tapping and being in the woods.
    Least Favorite: washing all the buckets at seasons end.

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    Favorite: The beginning of the season when it's still cool and some snow on the ground ( most years ).
    Least Favorite: Dealing with the sticky that goes with making the syrup. I just have never been able to stand that and am constantly washing my hands to get the free of anything sticky. My wife just laughs.
    2004 - 2012 2x3 flat pan 25 to 60 taps
    2012 2x3 new divided pan w/draw off 55 taps
    2018 - didn't boil surgery - bought new evaporator
    2019 new SML 2x4 raised flue high output evap. 65 taps
    made 17 gal. syrup
    2020 - only put out 53 taps - made 16.25 ga.l syrup
    2021 - Didn't work out
    2022 - 25 taps on bags / 8 taps on 3/16's line - late start

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    Favorite: Woods work in the fall on a crisp December day. Good exercise, peaceful and not in a rush.
    Least Favorite: Definitely end of season cleanup. Usually into smelting season and it never enough time as work gets busier.
    305 taps on 2 Shurflo's, 31 taps on 3/16" and 229 taps on gravity. 565 in all
    Mountain Maple S3 controller for 145 of the vacuum taps
    2x6 Darveau Mystique Oil Fired Evaporator w/ Smoky Lake Simplicity Auto Draw
    Wesfab 7” filter press

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    Favorite: CRISIS! - Tank overflowing, dry line pulling apart, pumps not starting as sap flows in, frozen lines through culverts, chasing a tiny leak freezing up an entire woods, syrup pan temperature climbing more than expected, tree down on a mainline, .....
    Lease Favorite - waiting for the next crisis!
    Life would be less interesting without sugaring.
    Ken & Sherry
    Williston, VT
    16x34 Sugarhouse
    1,500 taps on high vacuum, Electric Releaser & CDL Sap Lifter
    Wood-Fired Leader 30"x10' Vortex Arch & Max Raised Flue with Rev Syrup Pan & CDL1200 RO

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    Favorite is hearing what someone is doing that improves the process, investigating it, implementing it, debugging, then (hopefully) seeing it bear fruit.

    Least favorite is squirrels...........
    3,100 taps
    60 cfm flood
    5 by 14 oil


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