Itís that time again!
2023 is up and running (literally). I put in about 45-50 taps at my buddyís house Sunday the 5th. I also put in 4 at my house.

New additions this year:
My new shed I am going to boil in.
I am thinking about setting up some plans for some storage and for while I am boiling. I need a small pump to pump it about 50 feet and up about 10-15 feet. Iím going to keep it completely mobile so I can use it in the shed and also to get it TO the shed.
65-gallon tank:
This one is a 2-fold bonus. Last year when I started at a friendís house, I had to transport it to my house. So I got a 35 gallon tank. Unfortunately, a few times I had a couple 5gallon buckets also. So, now with a 65, I have a LOT more room on my trailer to bring the sap home. The idea is to RO 1 pass into the 35-gallon tank, then either back into that tank, or into 5-gallon buckets.

I also have decided to start a business and sell it. Maybe if I make enough Iíll go to the farmers market in town and sell it one day. Boy, it is a PITA however keeping all receipts and track of miles.