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Thread: Plugging a Lateral for 1 Season

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    Default Plugging a Lateral for 1 Season

    I'd like to take a lateral off line for one season. The trees on it were limbed pretty heavily to get at a big dead oak being taken down there. Can I use electrical tap on the mainline hole for 1 season or does that only work for short-term fixes?
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    You can buy mainline plugs, pretty cheap, for all sizes of mainline. Here is an example on Bascoms website. You should be able to find something similar at a good plumbing supply place too.
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    I have used electrical tape to plug saddle holes on mainlines in the past without any issues. Just replace tape every year.
    Another option, you can leave the saddle installed and just cut the tubing back an inch or so and install a dead end tee with the plugged side facing the saddle.

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    Through in an end hook to plug the line after the saddle.
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